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2023 Flight Attendant Application “In Process”

Explorer C

My name is Bethany Kate Hanson, I applied for the flight attendant opening back on Jan 23rd of this year. All the emails I have gotten said they have received my application and whenever I check the website (which is I do almost everyday) it says “In Process”. I was wondering if that means they haven’t viewed it yet and if that’s a bad thing I’d rather them go ahead and tell me if I am not going to make the cut! I have a few flight attendant friends that said to use your middle name for airline stuff and I put my preferred name as Kate but put in my official name on the documents, I am wondering if that messed up my application as well. I’m nervous and I just want to hear some news at this point, I’ve heard about people on Glassdoor getting interviews days after the application closed and CJOs, so I’m just wondering if by now it’s a lost cause?