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Flight Attendant Application from September 2023

Explorer B


Back in September 2023, I applied to the SWA Flight Attendant Position and my application was accepted. (Yay!) I have since received a general email saying that interviews are being set up and that if selected the applicant will receive an email. I have yet to receive one and yet my application is still "in process" and has not been declined. (Hmm.) Since it is going on 4 months since I applied, I am wondering if I should remain hopeful or assume I did not make the cut this time. Any feedback would be helpful for me, as well as others who might be in the same boat.



Katherine S.

Re: Flight Attendant Application from September 2023

Explorer C

I am in the same boat. I am just trying to wait patiently as I have come to understand that the process can be lengthy. The longest I have heard was 11 months. In the meantime I am saving money and praying that when the time comes I can begin my new forever job with my favorite airline. Good luck to you and everyone who is also anxiously awaiting their future with SWA.