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Covid Postponed travel funds

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I have travel funds that were during Covid and were pushed to a sept 7 2022 expiration date. I have seen postings saying that if I book a trip then cancel the new funds would have a expiry date of 12 months from when I booked. Book Aug 2022 then cancel new date Aug 2023. Is this correct and will this happen?




Re: Covid Postponed travel funds

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I think that was applicable during a set time period when canceling a flight during earlier phase of the pandemic got you a year from the date of cancelation even if the booking was from previous travel funds.

Does that sound right @bec102896 ?



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Re: Covid Postponed travel funds

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Here is the wording that did appear on at some point. It does indicate that if you use a September 7, 2022 expiration date travel fund and then cancel that purchase the new travel fund will expire one year from the purchase date. This wording appears to have been removed from the website some time ago and I can no longer find these same wording in the refunds section. Now that we are in 2022 the original post implies you would receive a 2023 expiration date, BUT I am guessing the latest expiration date you will actually be allowed is the September 7, 2022 date. 

There's no harm in testing this out, I would but don't have any travel funds left. If you book a flight now and then cancel it you'll quickly find out what the new expiration date is and it won't be any worse than the existing September 7, 2022 date. Best case it expires one year from today, worst case it expires September 7.