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Line order by FCFS?

Explorer C

Husband and I were boarding A31 and A32, so we went to the front of the queue for A31-60. Gentleman was standing at the front of the line with an A-35 boarding pass, and his companion was A-55. He expressed frustration and confusion that we “got in front” of them despite having lower numbers? He said he’d never had someone “jump the line” on him before, and that it was first come first serve once you got to the line.

Am I the here? Please tell me if so. We even offered to check with the gate agent. What a crazy situation!


Re: Line order by FCFS?

Adventurer C

I fly all the time, a couple times a week.  People always get in line in the order of the ticket number and get in front of people with numbers higher than theirs, otherwise it would just be A, B, and C.  The other passenger was mistaken.