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Lost and Found - What A Joke

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I lost my company issued cell phone on the 3rd of May on either my flight from Atlanta to Tennessee, or from Tennessee to Orlando.


When I realized this, I placed my phone in lost mode, a few hours later it came online and said it was at Baltimore/Washington International airport. I activated the play sound feature and a few minutes later, a southwest employee called me back on my cell phone (found once) and told me she would fill out a form, and then I was to go to the Lost and Found at the bottom of the home page and fill out a form (done).


My phone battery died, and I thought, there is no way I will get this phone back.  


On Friday the 10th, my phone connected to the internet, and was being charged (found twice) at a facility in Scottsboro Alabama.


I called southwest, and was transferred to a baggage specialist to informed me that that facility receives thousands of items daily, and that there were only two people who review lost and found items.


As of today, I can see that my phone was removed from a charger (Third time it was found) and is still in Scottsboro Alabama but is no longer on a charger, and the battery is starting to die.


Southwests policy is to stop looking for my phone after 30 days of an exhaustive search... 

Today is day 12..  My phone has been in the possession of the lost and found team, and yet, They cannot match the phone to me?  Help me understand?



Re: Lost and Found - What A Joke

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I don't have it on me but search this forum for Scottsboro where I left a number there that you can call. They don't answer the phone, leave a detailed message describing your item and that you can see it online and ping it with your call back.


Otherwise make sure your lost and round report is as detailed as possible with serial numbers if possible for them to make a match.





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Re: Lost and Found - What A Joke

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Give Southwest a break. It recovers over 100,000 lost itmes a year. Yours is no more important than the other 99,999 others.


The lost item process matches  found items with items reported lost. As long as you reported either a SN or an IMEI you will probably get your phone back.


The process can take up to 30 days.

Re: Lost and Found - What A Joke

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Re: Lost and Found - What A Joke

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Well, they WERE looking for it.


Thanks for the laugh..


Re: Lost and Found - What A Joke

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Hope it's found!

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