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No clothes in ski bag?

Explorer C

Today in the Boston airport the woman at the bag drop asked if I had any clothing in my ski bag, and said it’s not allowed anymore?? And that it could only have skis, poles, helmet, goggles and/ or boots or TSA won’t transport it! (?) 

Since when and why is this a thing? Last year I had no problem packing my ski clothes into my ski bag and it was well under the weight limit. I read through the policy on ski/ snowboard transport and couldn’t find anything about this change… 


Re: No clothes in ski bag?

Frequent Flyer B

The policy now states:

Snow ski equipment.

Snow ski equipment, including skis or snowboards, ski boots, and ski poles are allowed, including one pair of skis or one snowboard, one set of poles, and one pair of ski/snowboard boots packed in a container(s) acceptable to Carrier. When substituting ski equipment for a free bag, we allow up to two bags (containing one set of snow skis, ski poles, and ski boots) to count as one item, even if they are packed and tagged separately. Snow ski equipment packed in a plastic bag will be transported only with a limited release of liability., clothes cannot be packed with your gear any longer.  My guess is that passengers were taking advantage of the then-generous policy, and that ski and boot bags were approaching or exceeding 50 pounds.


Last year, I packed a few extra items of ski clothes with my ski gear.  For instance, I wrapped one pair of ski pants around my skis for extra padding and stuffed gloves in one boot and goggles in the other.  I had no problems and was not asked about clothes with my gear.  I was lucky.  But, they are now enforcing it more stringently.  I advise that baggage policies always be checked for updates.  They change more frequently than most people think.


My ski gear has always been opened and check by TSA when I fly out of PDX...I always get that little card placed inside.  All good; they're doing their job!


I think she misspoke when she said "TSA wouldn't transport it" TSA is not in the "transporting" business...which is a good thing!!

Re: No clothes in ski bag?

Explorer C

They just said the same thing to me. Clearly trying to blame an internal policy change on the TSA - she added the specific phrase that “the machines aren’t big enough in Boston to scan with clothes.” Totally shifting blame.

Re: No clothes in ski bag?

Explorer C

This seems to be a Boston thing. The agent at bag drop also blamed it on TSA but there's nothing on the TSA site about it. 


Repacked my jacket, bibs, towels to protect my bindings and avalanche gear coming back from SLC and they didn't say a word about it.


Boston just making their own rules which isn't that unusual.

Re: No clothes in ski bag?

Explorer C

Doesn’t happen with other airlines departing same time & airport.


Only have had this policy enforced by Southwest.

It also does not explicitly state clothing is not allowed in the ski bag in their policy. Am I suppose to ski naked - does that not count as ski equipment?

stupid decision makers have now made me forever resent the name southwest