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Power Bank Question

Explorer C

I have purchased this power bank it states that its battery capacity is 35000mha and the power is 130Wh am I able to take this on flight?


SABANI Portable Charger 35000mAh Power Bank - Portable Battery with 4 Built in Cables, 22.5W Fast Ch... 


Re: Power Bank Question

Aviator A

In general


"The rules for power banks with more capacity than 27,000mAh differ per airline. Power banks with a capacity of more than 43,000mAh can't go with you on the plane. Sometimes, power banks with a capacity between 27,000mAh and 43,000mAh may be taken onto a plane, but only in consultation with the airline."


You could ask SW what it's rules are by click on "contact us" below and following prompts to the specific area you need.