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SWA changed itinerary

Explorer B

I booked a trip with LUV vouchers for my family. SWA changed the intinerary, causing one member to be unable to take the trip. I called SWA to cancel this one person from the trip. Agent advised that since SWA changed the intinerary, a credit for the full amount would be issued to my credit card. However, a full refund was not issued to my card, just a small portion was credited.

Has anyone had a refund issued to a credit card in this situation?




Re: SWA changed itinerary

Aviator A

Southwest always refunds to the original form of payment. I presume the agent assumed your payment had been in dollars and not vouchers.


In this case the taxes you paid with a CC got refunded, since vouchers cannot be refunded to vouchers, the oerson got a travel credit in the amount of the voucher payment.