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Using travel funds

New Arrival

We have multiple travel funds that expire soon. I understand that we must book and fly before the expiration date

when trying to apply the travel funds one of the outstanding funds only applies a portion (half) of those funds not the entire amount 

we are traveling on a one way and travel will be completed by day before expiration 

why would only half of available travel funds be applied when the other half will expire?


Re: Using travel funds

Top Contributor

Try entreating the TFs with the one with the earliest expiration date first.

Re: Using travel funds

Top Contributor

Are you booking flights for the same passengers as on the travel fund? Make sure the names are entered exactly as on the original flight.


If it's still not working online, you may need to call.

Re: Using travel funds

New Arrival

You be paying the tax and landing fees with $$ rather than a travel voucher.  If the flight is really inexpensive (less than $100), I have seen the tax and fees be something like $30+.  


I also may remember that maybe you can only use 2 travel vouchers per person per reservation and have to pay the difference?  That's not what you are saying though.