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Very disgusted

Explorer C

You lost me as a customer because I didn’t have tickets I could transfer there were no options. I am out 1500.00 because of no help from you the people who I bought the tickets for are no longer part of my family thank you so much for your help today I am glad I closed my credit card with you 


Re: Very disgusted

Frequent Flyer C

I encourage you to look up the policy regarding transferring tickets and/or funds to people OTHER than those originally ticketed on ANY U.S. airline...

Unfortunately for you, you will find that all major U.S. carriers have a non-transferrable policy.... therefore, if you choose to write off Southwest simply because of THAT policy.... I doubt you will ever find another airline to fly.


If you do... please let us know.  

Re: Very disgusted

Adventurer C

There are options if you are cordial with the ticket owners, but it sounds like you are not.  When a ticket is purchased in a person's name, they become the owner of any funds from a cancellation, typical with most airlines.  If it was an I wanna get away + fare, and assuming they had a rapid rewards account, then these are deposited into their rapid rewards account and available to transfer to someone else.  If they are not I wanna get away plus, you could purchase a new flight that is an IWG+ and it would become transferrable if cancelled.  If you think you will have better luck with Delta I wish you the best.  You will have to purchase a non-refundable ticket (which you could have done on SW too).  Delta also has change fees so expect about $200 to just change the ticket on top of any new fare for a new flight for the ticket owner and they are also not transferrable to another person .