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App Update - Swabiz Bookings available on Mobile Web & Southwest App.


Hello there to our Wonderful Southwest Customers!


Our Digital Team is pleased to announce that our Customers enrolled in Swabiz can now book trips directly in our mobile website, iOS app, and Android app.


SWABIZ is the free, self-service Southwest Business booking tool that is easy to use and includes a variety of features to help manage business travel .


Swabiz on IOS.png


What will this do?

With this new capability our Customers that are enrolled in the Swabiz program can enjoy

  • Booking using your Swabiz account contracted negotiated rates if your account has company specific discounts
  • Direct billing your trip using a Company provided stored credit card (we call them "ghost cards") if set-up by your company travel manager
  • Using your internal reference number for easier reporting if set-up by your company travel manager
  • Automatically storing your bookings in your Swabiz reporting suite so your Company Travel Managers can track usage, duty of care, and unused funds at a Company level


Getting Started

All you have to do is be already associated to a Swabiz Company account.  Ask your Company Travel Manager about how to do that if you aren't already associated.  Then login to the mobile website or the Southwest iOS app (again, Android coming soon!).  On the Plan a Trip page you'll see an option to book with your Swabiz Company ID.


That's it!  Just choose that toggle and you're good to go.  While booking you'll see company rates, internal reference numbers, and stored credit cards as they have been configured by your Swabiz contract and your Company Travel Manager.  


If your company is not yet enrolled in Swabiz, and is interested in these great features please, learn more about our special programs uniquely designed for Business Travel.


Special thanks to all our Southwest Customers who provided the feedback for this need.  And special thanks to our Cohearts who helped bring this to life across our Southwest Business, Digital Products, Web/App Technology Engineering, Quality Management, and Technology Operations teams including...


  • Amy
  • Ashley
  • Lydia
  • Christina
  • Anthony
  • Victor
  • Mandy
  • Brady
  • Tony
  • Anna
  • Nick
  • Jennifer
  • Taylor
  • Shane
  • Kevin
  • Sowjanya
  • Shraddha
  • Smita
  • Jerel
  • Brian
  • Jim
  • Miguel
  • Erica
  • Hamid
  • Mahesh
  • Daniel
  • Amanda
  • Saritha
  • Smita
  • Wade
  • Allen
  • Levoy
  • Kavitha
  • Aaron
  • Zachary
  • Marc
  • Kelsey
  • Priyanka
  • Gurusowmya