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Rapid Rewards Data Breach

Explorer C

After having 18K points stolen from my account on 6/10 and used on a flight, Southwest has no interest in resolving the issue. I contacted them within an hour of receiving the notice that the points were used and was told that I needed to file a report. I gave the CS Rep the information and they said they would contact me. 11 days later I received a voice message from an unknown caller. The message was from the Customer Engagement Team with the Executive Office stating that they wanted to launch an investigation on the unauthorized transaction. Sounds impressive. The person stumbled over the obvious canned response. He stated for me to call the toll-free number and ask to be transferred to his extension. When returning the call, the CS Rep had no idea what I was talking about and said there is no way to transfer anyone. After putting me on hold for 20 minutes they came back and said that they sent a message to the person that I had given their name and asked them to call me. I asked what I do if they don't call back and how do I get this resolved. They said there is nothing more I can do. The Rapid Rewards program is based upon the loyalty of their customers. It’s to bad that Southwest has lost that appreciation.
With all the additional posts about stolen Rapid Rewards, it is obvious that Southwest has had a data breach. As usual, the consumer will not be notified until months down the road. Screenshot_20240625_092341_Voicemail.jpg


Re: Rapid Rewards Data Breach

Aviator A

Sorry to hear that you have run into this problem.


There's been no data breach. There are millions of RR account holders and there's been no widespread outcry about stolen points.


Peoples' logins get stolen and points get stolen. That's it.


From here on out,complain in writing. That gives you a paper trail, To do so click on"contact us" below, and folow the prompts.


I wish you success in resolving the matter.

Re: Rapid Rewards Data Breach

Aviator A

There is no data breach. You've been hacked. Best of luck in resolving the matter.