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Adventurer C
                                                                                                                                                                                Well it's that time of the year, when we, as Professional Football fans, start planning our weekends according to the schedule of our favorite NFL team. I know when my favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, is scheduled to play, and anyone who's looking for me knows where to find me at kickoff.                                                                              If you are a real NFL football fan, these games will impact a part of your life for the entire season.  For instance, depending on whether your team won or lost the game on that particular Sunday will usually will determine what the first few days of the work week will be like for you. And if your favorite team played the Monday Night football game, those feelings will be magnified because it was a nationally televised game. Why do we do this to ourselves? Tell me who your favorite teams are and how their wins and loses affect you during the week and throughout the year.