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Southwest Airlines Community

An “EPIC” start to my Campus Reach Internship!

New Arrival

After interning for Guinness in Dublin, Ireland, last summer, I knew I wanted to work for a company with the culture of a “work family” that strives together for excellence and takes pride in its success. I read everything I could find about a wide variety of companies. The more I read about Southwest, the more I wanted the opportunity to participate in the Campus Reach program and experience the Southwest Culture firsthand. 


As excited as I was when I was told I was selected to intern at Southwest, it pales in comparison to the excitement I now feel about the possibility of a career at Southwest.  I am currently working in the Supply Chain Department on the Supplier Performance Team that strives to improve supplier relationships.  I’m learning new software programs and have had the opportunity to assist in analyzing operational performance metrics used to drive supplier compliance with contracts, corporate standards, policies, and regulatory requirements. 


As an Intern, I have become part of the “Southwest Family.” My department welcomed me with a cubicle decorated with Auburn University signs and stocked with my favorite junk foods--Skittles and pretzels.  The people I have met both in my department and other departments have all been so friendly, encouraging me to find the area of Southwest where I fit best.




FieldDay2.jpgSouthwest is a Company where people work hard and play hard, which could not have been more evident than during my second week on the job at the “EPIC” field day!  The field day is put on by the Finance Department and gives Employees the opportunity to bond with their Cohearts and show a Fun-LUVing Attitude.  I volunteered to help with set-up so I arrived at 8 a.m. and began filling water balloons.  There was an excitement in the air as everyone ran around setting up the various events for the day.  At 10 a.m., I joined my Team, which was largely comprised of people from the Finance Department.  I could feel the competitive spirit in the air, and justifiably so because bragging rights for the entire year were on the line. 



FieldDay3.jpgThroughout the day, we participated in events that included human foosball and a relay race, in which Team Members balanced skittles on spoons and ate fruit rollups as fast as they could.  My favorite event was the water volleyball, which used a water balloon instead of a volleyball.  Team Members caught the balloon in a towel and then heaved it back over the net.  The crazy games were more than just fun--they created bonds of friendship between co-workers.  I look forward to passing my field day teammates in the hallways or seeing them in the cafeteria. Now, my favorite item in my cubicle is my 2nd place medal from the truly EPIC 2017 field day!