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Attention Customers Seeking Assistance from Customer Relations


While our operation has returned to normal after last week’s operational disruptions, Customer Contact groups are still working around the clock to respond to your inquiries for assistance. 


The Customer Relations Team has been working extremely long hours attempting to connect with as many Customers as possible.  Our Social Care Team works 24-hours each day and typically respond within minutes to our Customers.  However last week, we were receiving almost as many posts per hour as we typically receive in a day.  The same can be said of email and telephone calls.


While we typically interact with less than one percent of Customers who fly with us, last week the outage created a significant impact on many more Customers than we typically help in a month, and we have responded to more Customers in just the last week than we usually do in a month.  That means we are working feverishly to respond to all requests Customers have made of us. 


At this point, I recommend that if you have emailed us and are awaiting a response, please be patient.  If you are still attempting to reach Southwest via telephone or Social Channels, I would go onto, navigate to the "Contact Us" page, and then select email.  If you need in-the-moment travel assistance, then I recommend you Tweet us.


We genuinely regret that so many people were adversely affected, and hope that you will give us an opportunity to work our way to your request.  We will do our best to create a win/win solution that will bring you back to fly with us again.