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BRRR It's Cold Up Here

Explorer B

I recently relocated to the Chicago Field Marketing Office for Southwest Airlines and made the move to Chi-Town with my husband and Charlie the dog. I made the move for a Company that I love, but I still remind my Coworkers everyday that the cold is not quite so strong anywhere else in the world (I know it is a bit of an exaggeration). The locals tell me that this is the coldest winter in 125 years and that we have had a record snow fall…but the summers are great! I moved from the rolling hills of Tennessee to the frozen tundra located west of Lakeshore Drive. I can honestly say that the cold snap of the Windy City was never completely comprehended until now. It stings, and I have gone into hibernation. Even Charlie who loves the snow and is fascinated by the idea of going to the bathroom on concrete is eager to get back inside the warmth of indoors. I keep telling my parents that it is pathetic when you hear the weatherman say a warm front is moving through and we will reach a high of 30 degrees. 


Despite the cold, the longer I live here, the more I am thawed to why people love this city. The food is incredible, the shopping options never end, and the sports fans are not lacking. I have yet to find the one and only SEC sports bar, but that will come with time because I hear it does exist.

Lucky for me and Southwest Airlines, I believe the harsh winters cause more and more people to travel to warmer destinations. I was at Macy’s the other day and was astounded by how busy the luggage section was as crowds of experienced travelers picked out numerous carryons  and talked about the different features of the luggage. I admit that there was a sale but what isn’t on sale with the state of the economy? Fortunately, our Chicago Customers love to travel, and I am excited to begin my new job, marketing the LUV Airline to the travelers of Chicago. I am hoping that the cold will help me in my endeavor….

By the way did you know we have nonstop flights out of Chicago Midway to Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood,  Ft. Myers, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, Tampa Bay, San Diego…the list goes on and on. Watch out Chicago, I am on the marketing trail in my big puffy coat and snow boots.

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