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Bringing in the Fourth

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We asked our Blog Team for their July 4th plans, and we wanted to share them with you. Gordon Guillory:  This 4th of July my plans are to hang out on my patio with family and friends, cooking out and drinking cold adult beverages. David Evans: My sister's town has a beautiful fireworks display, so our entire family gathers at her home for fun and food; then we all go to Main Street for a musical fireworks extravaganza...Family, Food & Fireworks to celebrate America's Freedom. Mary Noel Hennes: This year the 4th of July falls on my "weekend," so I'll be spending the day the best way I've known how since I was in grade school--being in close proximity to some of my favorite things: Water, fireworks, friends, and--with any luck--homemade potato salad.  And cupcakes with sprinkles on them. Ray Stark: I'll be flying to the nation's capital before heading down to spend the evening in the capital of Texas. Sunny Abercrombie: My husband, John, and I will be sailing on Notre Vie from Clear Lake to Port Aransas, Texas! Hollee Ford: I'll be enjoying the holiday with my family on the lake.  Hopefully I'll be able to land a few wicked tricks on my wakeboard. Jeff Lamb: I'll be walking to the bagel shop for coffee and actually reading the entire newspaper.  We always cookout burgers and watch fireworks in the evening. Susie Boersma: On the 4th, I will be working in San Antonio and walking the station Team through the results of of our Redefining Excellence observations.  Since we have a Team away from home doing this, we'll probably spend some time together after work eating BBQ and enjoying the night sky. James Malone: I will be attending the Taste of Chicago with some friends on July 4th. Paco Cerda: I'll be helping everyone ELSE make their 4th of July plans! Ming Chan: On July 4th, I will be celebrating America's freedom by working at the Dallas Love Field Airport.  I usually work on July 4th, and when I am finished I go up to the top of the Love Field parking garage and watch all the fireworks around Dallas at the same time.  It is spectacular!!!!!! Bert Stevens: I have to work the night of the 4th, but will spend the day with my wife and kids swimming and grilling. Fred Taylor: I  plan to be at Lone Star Park swilling bourbon and watching the Thoroughbreds go around the track! Shelley Logan: I'll be spending the week at the beach in northern Michigan with some of my favorite people: my sister, Amy, and her two kids, Ava (age 5) and Max (age two). Jill Howard Allen: We celebrate the 4th by cranking John Philip Sousa's 'Stars and Stripes Forever', Adriene Belew's 'One of those Days' and David Byrne's 'Independence Day' and then join my sibilings at my sister's pool to cool off in the Phoenix heat. Bill Owen: If the weather's nice, I plan to try and bring two things to a golden brown--chicken breasts and my skin! Those are our plans, so how are you planning to celebrate the Fourth?