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I finally had a chance to head down to the place I will always call home, China, Texas, where not much has changed from the last time I was there. This little town has seen it all, and, as a matter of fact, the last time I came home was to get my parents after Hurricane Rita blew through. The only physical change I've noticed is the lack of trees due to the storm. China has a population of 1,112, and like most small towns it's slow moving, no one gets in a rush…I think even the birds fly slower here. I missed the annual family reunion that took place earlier this year, so it was nice to see all my family and friends that got together to celebrate the 60th birthdays of my parents who were both born in July. I also had a chance to eat some of that good ole Southern Creole cooking that I grew up with. If any of you grew up in a small town, get back as soon and as often as you can. I know I will, and you can even use my Company Plane to get you there (or close to there!) in no time at all. 
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There's just something about homemade meals we grow up with that can't be duplicated by restaurants or chefs, good ole Southern Creole sounds delicious! I read an article in the Southwest airline magazine (Spirit?) on the morning flight about how many people today don't know how to cook. I tried to search for that magazine article on the web, and apparently the articles are not online. The article listed 5 things that most people could cook these days: pasta with jarred sauce, scrambled eggs, and others. I wish someone who has that article can reply to this comment thread with that list. And, for the suggestion box, how about making those magazine articles available online. Thanks for hearing me out.
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I was born & raised in a big city in northeastern Oklahoma, but went to finish college in a small town about 2 hours (south & very slightly west) from home. Not counting college students, there are close to 16,000 in this college town. I also worked a temporary job in a small town, about two hours west from home. This town has a little over 47,000 people. There are two college branch campuses, but I don't think the population includes them. I've gone back to both places a few times since college graduation & moving back to my home town. I have an aunt & uncle (my dad's sister & brother-in-law) who live in a very small community in the northwestern part of Oklahoma. My dad grew up in this same community, too. The only two buildings (besides houses) in this community now are the church where my aunt & uncle are members (I've been there, too, because I'm friends with their minister) & Fellowship Hall, which is right across the road. When I go to their house, I drive past the church & on a bridge over 2 railroad tracks; I see a few houses along the way, but other than that, that's it!
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DJ, I was sitting at work when I read you comments and just happened to see the Spirit magazine behind my computer. In addition to pasta with jarred sauce and scrambled eggs, the list included baked potatoes, tossed green salad and frozen pizzas. Thanks for reading.