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Adventurer C
I finally had a chance to head down to the place I will always call home, China, Texas, where not much has changed from the last time I was there. This little town has seen it all, and, as a matter of fact, the last time I came home was to get my parents after Hurricane Rita blew through. The only physical change I've noticed is the lack of trees due to the storm. China has a population of 1,112, and like most small towns it's slow moving, no one gets in a rush…I think even the birds fly slower here. I missed the annual family reunion that took place earlier this year, so it was nice to see all my family and friends that got together to celebrate the 60th birthdays of my parents who were both born in July. I also had a chance to eat some of that good ole Southern Creole cooking that I grew up with. If any of you grew up in a small town, get back as soon and as often as you can. I know I will, and you can even use my Company Plane to get you there (or close to there!) in no time at all.