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Cancer Fighting Twins Take Trip of a Lifetime on Southwest Airlines

Explorer C

Ella and Eve_Fighting_Cancer.jpgI’m the proud mom of 2-year-old twins, Ella and Eve. They are not your average twins, they are unique. Ella and Eva were both diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer when they were just 1-month-old and have been fighting it ever since.


This has been a long journey for all of us, especially them. When they were 10-days-old, Eve was diagnosed with a severely twisted bowel. This lead to septic shock, organ failure, seizures, cardiac arrest, infections, and 6 months of inpatient treatment, which was two hours away from home.


Both twins have endured grueling therapy and are at high risk of going through it again. However, these two girls are the strongest people I know; they continue to show great courage and bravery.


Ella and Eve_First Southwest Airlines Flight.jpgThis past February, Ella and Eve received a Wish Trip to Disney World. We were over the moon to be able to go on this trip! As you may know any kind of travel, especially with young kids, can be a bit chaotic; however, Southwest made it so easy.


We were given the royal treatment from start to finish. When we arrived at the ticket counter, Ella and Eve were greeted by Southwest Employees who had magical gifts for them. They helped us along the way and when it was time to board our flight, Southwest let us board first so Ella and Eve could meet the Captain and take a look at the flight deck.


Ella and Eve had an amazing first flight. We are so thankful to Southwest for the great hospitality. Each of the Employees were very gracious and courteous and Made sure Ella and Eve had an amazing first trip.


We are now embarking on some new concerns, and that’s the pandemic. Ella and Eve’s lifesaving appointments have been delayed or canceled due to COVID-19. We will be taking this a day at a time. Next week, they will be going under anesthesia to check on their tumors. This is uncharted territory for Ella, Eve, and the World. However, these girls continue to amaze us daily. Their smiles are illuminating and their personalities are fierce. We will never give up hope, as sometimes that is all you have.


Thank you, Southwest, for giving us something to look forward to and for giving us hope. We are so grateful for your commitment to our twins; we hope to see you in the skies soon!


Ella and Eve's Vacation.jpg