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Changes to Silver One Livery

Aviator C

The livery of Silver One, Southwest's 25th anniversary specialty aircraft, will change to Canyon Blue when the plane comes in for scheduled maintenance in mid-August. When Silver One was first dedicated in 1996, the fuselage was polished metal. As the process to buff and shine this particular aircraft became too costly, the plane was painted in a silver tone. Within the silver paint, there are flakes that reflect light to give the aircraft a shine.

This aircraft has been painted several times with improved paints, and it still doesn’t hold a shine. Southwest wants this aircraft to be a shining representation of this significant milestone in our history, and the grey appearance is simply not doing it justice.

When the aircraft is first painted, it displays the sparkle and shine of the silver paint flakes. But over time, due to weather and the elements, these flakes no longer reflect like they do when first applied. So in the time of a few short years, the luster fades and the aircraft appears a dull grey, rather than shining silver.

Therefore, Silver One will be painted in the colors of the Spirit Fleet. However, there will be two places on the aircraft that will designate it as Southwest's Silver Anniversary Aircraft. The graphic on the nose of the aircraft will remain the same, along with the dedication art on the windscreen as you enter the aircraft. The change to the Canyon Blue livery should take place in mid- to late-August.