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Coast to Coast Cuisine

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So, it's time for me to compose another post and ideas are running through my mind like crazy.  Since one of the purposes of this blog is to give insight into Flight Crews' lives, what better to write on than what we talk about most as we cross this great!!!! Southwest is well known for how fast we "turn" an aircraft (the time between pulling up to the jetway from one flight and leaving the jetway for the next one).  For the most part our airplanes are only at the gate 20-25 minutes; so what does this have to do with food?  Pilots and Flight Attendants get hungry as the day goes along (we work really, really hard, and there are no vending machines at 35,000 feet); our only chance to grab a bite to eat is to run off and get something between flights.  Over the next several postings, I will put forth some of my favorite food spots in and around the airports we serve as well as suggestions by fellow Crew Members.  My wife asked if I was going to go in a particular direction with these stories.  I answered with, "Of course, they will contain humor, be well-written, and be informative!"  She gave me this "don't be an idiot look", and sternly asked if my suggestions would be presented from west to east or south to north?  And the answer:  nope, I'll just give you the information as it comes to mind.  So here goes... If you are at Chicago Midway Airport (MDW) (three letter airport codes are for fellow blogger Richard Sweet 'cause he loves them so much) a great sandwich can be had at Potbelly's.  My personal favorite is the "Wreck" but a close second is the warm Peanut Butter & Jelly.  Yep, a warm PB&J, it's incredible.  Don't worry if the line is long.  The folks at Potbelly's are second only to SWA in efficiency; you will be in and out in minutes.  Speaking of IN & OUT (nice segue don't you think?), if you find yourself with some extra time in Los Angeles (LAX), Burbank (BUR), or San Jose (SJC) go just off the airport property for an IN-N-OUT Burger.  I wish we had these near my home.  While we are on the West Coast (my wife will be pleased that I am flowing in a direction), check out the fish tacos at Rubio's in the food court at San Diego International Airport (SAN), very very tasty and the breakfast burritos are equally as good. OK, hope this keeps you traveling and satisfied for a while.  I have a couple of Weight Watchers sessions and then I'll be back with some additional suggestions.  If you know of a sumptuous eating establishment around the Southwest system please post your comment.  Until next time...