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“Continuing the Legacy of Aviation”

Adventurer C

I had the pleasure of being a part of a wonderful aviation experience for students hosted by Southwest Airlines. We invited students from around the country to show them how our Company operates.

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The event titled "Continuing the Legacy of Aviation" was made up of students from four different organizations; Tuskegee Airmen, Inc., Bessie Coleman Foundation, Inc., Women’s Air force Service Pilots, and 100 Black Men of Greater Washington, D.C., Inc. The students got a wonderful surprise when they arrived to find that we also invited aviation legends from World War II; [asset|aid=229|format=post_small_image|formatter=imagecache|title=swa tour 6.jpg|align=none|height=100|width=100]
Women’s Air force Service Pilot (WASP) Betty Jo Reed, and Tuskegee Airmen Bob Ashby, Robert T. McDaniel, and Calvin Spann.

The students and their parents or group leaders were flown into our Dallas Headquarters for the two-day event which began with a tour of our Maintenance Facility on September 17. The students had a chance to see Mechanics working on the aircraft and were able to ask all sorts of questions; it was a wonderful experience for them.

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The following day they toured our main Headquarters and met with Southwest Leaders and visited our Reservations, Marketing, and Inflight Departments. They finished up the day with the most exciting part of the tour, when they got the chance to go into our 737 flight simulators. [asset|aid=230|format=post_small_image|formatter=imagecache|title=swa tour 4.jpg|align=none|height=100|width=100][asset|aid=231|format=post_small_image|formatter=imagecache|title=swa tour 5.jpg|align=none|height=100|width=100]

Here are some of the things our guests had to say:

 "My experience this week will never be forgotten and I will cherish it for a long time. The maintenance tour you gave was phenomenal. I never knew so much went on in those huge hangers. It was so fascinating to see all aspects of the maintenance facility. Especially going into the gutted plane, going into the cockpit, and seeing the infamous black box. Thank you for dedicating your time to me as well as the other participants and their parents." 

Wesley Dixon (student--Snellville, Georgia)

"Cameron and I utterly enjoyed ourselves at Southwest Airlines last week. It was truly a life-changing experience. I was equally impressed with the caliber of African American male employees and fathers involved in the program. So often, the media distorts the image of the African-American male. So for Cameron to be amongst men at Southwest, the distinguished Tuskegee Airmen, Bessie Coleman, and 100 Black Men of DC, the experience left him with a strong impression and validation that he, too, can be an achiever.
So again, thanks to all! These memories will be with Cameron and me forever."


Gloria L. Smith and son, Cameron (Fort Worth, Texas)

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I want to personally thank Southwest Airlines for investing in the future of our youth.

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I want to work for you! I love your spunk! I live in Philly, and I've got spunk! Need some help?????? Connie 🐵
Adventurer B
They have a job listing for "Facilities Maintenance Senior Technician" in Philadelphia. They also have more positions here: Hopefully this is more help to you.
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A letter I wrote Southwest Airlines, Spirit magazine: Dallas Love Southwest's Spirit Magazine By: Elizabeth Rose Right now, I am sitting in the most gorgeous hotel that I have ever seen Holiday Inn manage. It's in Strongsville, OH, a city named without a doubt for the courageous women we have here on earth and the men that support our efforts in life. It's early, 8:10am to be exact, but for a weekday, my father would tell me I'm late. Maybe it's because he has always had to rise above and make the best impressions possible because he has faced more adversity and scrutiny that I could ever attest to. My father is my hero. My father raised me to become a strong woman, determined only to succeed in life and to face challenges with an impatient time frame. You see, I'm sitting here in this room today because I left my father to make a challenge of my own. I gave myself 24 hours to make my dreams come true. Along my journey I have seen sorrow in people's eyes, hatred, laziness and unforgiving hearts. It was hard, amazing, sorrowful and full of unforgettable memories that will make me smile for years to come. Now, it's my turn to make people smile. I want to help people's dreams come true, I want to turn their frowns upside down. Ironic though, as I recently was electively operated on to give myself a smile, one worthy of pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well I say it's worth the world. My next step from here…not really sure, but for the first time in my life I'm not worried about it. I have shelter, at least until 12pm today, I have food, some healthy and yummy Craisins, and I have an amazing book in my bag. This book was gifted to me only three days ago and I flew with it for the first time from Chicago the day before yesterday, on no other airlines except Southwest. I'm writing today to tell you that Southwest has made so many of my dreams come true. I'm writing today, because I know how, it's free and it's without a doubt what my future is supposed to be about. Southwest has provided so many journeys all over this great nation for me, and many times into the arms of the ones I love. This time Southwest flew me somewhere I didn't have anyone, not even a relative. I guess you can say I was on my own mission, an ungodly mission. I'm not sure where, what or when the next flight will bring me, don't even know when I'll be able to afford the next flight, but it doesn't matter about money, or what's in store for me, I'm alive and I'm gracious of the opportunities that my father and mother have gifted to me. Now it's my turn to gift a beautiful day to someone, not sure how, but someone above will show me the way. I hope others love reading the Spirit, the articles are inspiring, the pictures are captivating, and it's worthy of my coffee table, even if it will be put in a storage unit. From Dallas Love, to Chicago Midway, to Cleveland the city of the start of aviation and an amazing heart hospital, from what I read. My next destination is unknown, maybe someone could give me a suggestion, I love hearing stories that inspire me and boy do I love Southwest's songs and jokes along the way.
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Thanks Scott! I watch the postings every day! 🐵 I'm just not mechanical lol. Connie