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Could YOU be a Galley Gourmet?

Adventurer A
Traveling around the country at all times of the day, it can be very hard to eat nutritiously. Most Flight Attendants have become very adept at dragging along a "food bag" with our other items. In my "food bag," I usually carry cut up carrots, celery sticks, and some sort of fruit--usually an apple or orange.  If I know that my food selection will be limited - we all know some airports have better food selections than others - I'll also cook up some hamburger patties or chicken breasts and throw them in a Ziplock bag before I leave for my trip.  Then when I'm on the plane, all I have to do is run some hot water over the bag to warm them up.  The same technique will work for spaghetti or any other type of pasta. Many Flight Attendants have taken to ordering from NutriSystems because they have a great selection and are easy to warm up on the plane by just adding hot water.  But, I've seen Flight Attendants bring everything from Chicken and Dumplings to Lobster onboard.  Do you have any "on the go" meal ideas that we might be able to use on the plane?  Any other good snack foods that would be good to bring along on a trip?