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Directed by Adam Boatman


Adam is someone with whom I recently had the pleasure of working when he edited the "DING! You are Now Free to Have a Good Time With Lady Antebellum" Nashville Film Festival contest vi.... He also just added another cool accomplishment to his resume - Director of Lady Antebellum’s "I Run to You" music video.

On the set of the music video shoot I was able to learn more about Adam’s career path. It’s always interesting to see how people end up in certain jobs, and Adam’s story was certainly interesting to me. I hope you enjoy reading it just as much as I enjoyed listening to it.

Adam began working with teens in the church environment in his hometown of Augusta, Georgia a few years ago, and that is where he developed a passion for video work. It was here that he realized making cool and fun videos could really grab the attention, especially a teenager’s attention, and tell a positive story.

Adam left his church work and took a job with a media company in Nashville and then launched into independent video making shortly thereafter. He began working with then unsigned, Lady Antebellum, and began documenting every step of their journey to stardom. The early "road videos" turned into "tour webisodes" during the Martina McBride tour and those soon turned into "Webisode Wednesdays," which is about to celebrate its one year anniversary! Webisode Wednesday is a weekly online video the group uses to connect to fans by giving them a glimpse into the day and life of the band. Adam has been able to capture most of Lady A’s career through his videos. What a gift they will have forever because of Adam’s work!

Adam recently received his once in lifetime opportunity when he was asked to direct Lady A’s "I Run to You" music video. Adam certainly didn’t think an opportunity of this magnitude would come so early in his career. If you haven’t heard this song, you should! The song and video have a positive message about being there for other people in tough times. In my opinion, the song couldn’t have come at a better time! Adam’s concept for the video was to show the importance of "paying it forward" and helping those around you. It’s great to know you have people in your life that you can run to when life gets to be more than we can handle. Adam portrays this message beautifully in the video.   Check out some "behind the scenes" photos from the video shoot, courtesy of Adam's cousin, Skip Hopkins.

Without further ado, enjoy Adam’s directorial debut, "I Run To You", which can be seen at

Adam, best of luck with your future videos. I hope to one day see you accepting the award for "Best Video" at the CMT Music Awards!

New Arrival
"I Run To You" is my favorite song but I had not seen the video. Love it...what a beautiful message! Thanks for sharing Ana. Congratulations Adam!
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What a wonderful video and story! Thanks for sharing!