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Every Seat Has a Story: Hudson's Big Day

Explorer C

Southwest Customer Trisha Hughes shares a “firecracker moment” that happened between her son and one of our Pilots. It only takes a moment for a simple act of kindness to become something greater. Meet Hudson. Hudson is a happy and energetic 5-year-old little boy who loves spending time with his Poppa, my dad. Watching the airplanes land and take off at our local airport in Albuquerque (ABQ) is one of their favorite shared activities. On this warm July evening, Hudson was enjoying watching the airplanes through the fence and was excitedly pointing out which ones were his “favorites.” When my dad joined Hudson at the fence, a Southwest Airlines plane was pulling back from the gate. Hudson was so excited to see the plane passing before us and began to wave wildly through the fence.

Much to our surprise, the Pilot pulled back the window and waved back to Hudson. The squeals of laughter and excitement that were shared by both my son and my father were pure joy. That moment when the Pilot waved ignited this sweet explosion of great happiness not only for my son but also for my dad. Just a moment is all it takes for the spark. It was a firecracker moment.

Hudson's Rendition (Post Event)
Hudson's Rendition
To the kind Pilot, THANK YOU for bringing together a very memorable moment. I shared this picture and story on Facebook in the hope that someone might be able to identify the Pilot so I would be able to express my gratitude. Much to my complete surprise, many others also enjoyed this experience and took the time to comment and share in the pride that they have for Southwest Airlines. My heart was touched by the comments from individuals who identified themselves as “that little boy standing there,” recalling similar experiences which led them to Southwest Airlines. Those words alone speak volumes about the People who represent Southwest Airlines and the LUV that they share.

To those of you who take ordinary moments and create something beautiful and memorable, you have my heartfelt thank you because, sometimes, this is what “it” looks like from the other side of the fence.

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