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Today, Southwest Airlines is launching Rapid Rewards Dining™. As a member of the Rapid Rewards Customer Loyalty team, I am excited to announce this new credit earning opportunity for our Rapid Rewards Members. The program offers Rapid Rewards credits for dining/beverage purchases made at more than 9,000 restaurants, bars, and clubs across the United States and Canada. Members will receive a quarter-credit  after spending their first $25 as an enrollment bonus, and after that, they will earn a quarter-credit for every $100 spent at participating merchants.

This program is administered by Rewards Network  which  has launched dining programs with other major airlines. My boss, Eric Woodson, who joined Southwest Airlines in December 2007, told me about this program and was a strong advocate to bring this service to our Members. At the time, we were in the process of trying to add a new category to the Rapid Rewards program outside of hotels and car rentals, and we thought the dining program would be a natural fit for our Members so they can earn credits doing what they normally would do on a daily basis--EAT!!

We also wanted to stay true to our current “No Hidden Fees” ad campaign. Joining Rapid Rewards Dining is easy and is FREE. Just visit to learn more.  If you aren't already a Member of Southwest's Rapid Rewards frequent flyer program, go here to enroll.