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Flash Forward: Encore—Our First 737-800 Takes to the Air

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We had originally planned to end this series with the post about the Boeing celebration party, but I just had to share these photos from Boeing of the first flight of our new 737-800.  An airplane’s first flight is one of the most significant events in its history, much more than its completion date.  In the case of N8301J, it came alive with its first flight (a Boeing test flight) on February 23.


In this photo of the aircraft taxiing to the end of the runway, we really get a good indication of the -800’s longer fuselage.

Lined up and ready for takeoff, the 737’s paint gleams, even in the overcast Washington sky.

Then, the big moment comes, and we have lift-off, as N8301J enters its working environment. 

Here is the result of all that hard work, the dedication of workers in Renton, Wichita, and all over the country.  I still find it hard to believe that raw metal and other materials can be transformed over a few months into such a magnificent machine.

May this airplane have a long and safe career transporting our Customers and Crew to familiar and new destinations.

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Will there be any video posted of this flight? If so what website?
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The launch of Southwest airlines' new 737-800 is a huge step for expanding Southwest's corporate logo. Not only do they offer low rates throughout the country, but their service is second to none. This magnificent structure proves Southwest innovative thinking, hard work to help better their corporation and the importance they place on customer satisfaction.
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i love the new plane and its out other airlines....southwest is taking over!!!