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Flight Schedule Revised June 6 through June 27, 2020


We continue to focus on safeguarding our Employees in their heart-strong work to facilitate essential journeys for Customers and cargo traveling right now. At the same time, Teams across the airline are working through plans for different phases of the recovery anticipated ahead. We’re building plans that reflect forecasts both for diminished demand and potential travel in late spring and summer. This week we’re publishing a new foundational flight schedule for June 6 through June 27, 2020.


New Flight Schedule

The revised June schedule echoes many of the May changes I shared last week. Customers already booked to travel in June and whose journeys will be impacted, soon will hear from us with any changes to their specific travel plans. The vast majority will include new flight times, new flight numbers, or changes in routing. We’ll also share with them additional flexibility established in our policies.


  • As with the May changes, Southwest’s operational day effectively will be shortened with the removal of many departures previously scheduled before 7 am and after 8 pm.


  • Overall flight activity in June drops to just more than 2,000 flights a day, down from a previous schedule of approximately 4,000 flights on weekdays, a baseline already diminished by the grounding of our MAX fleet.


  • Our Schedule Planners restructured service across our network, dropping flight activity by nearly 50% while maintaining service to all our domestic cities and preserving more than 80% of the itineraries we offered in the prior schedule.



We intend to reintroduce access to additional international destinations allowing our Customers to consider potential travel. We suspended our entire international operation on March 23.

  • On June 7, we intend to launch nonstop service to Cancun from both Baltimore/Washington and Denver. The Mile High City also regains nonstop service to San Jose del Cabo/Los Cabos on the same day.

  • For the Caribbean, we intend to reestablish nonstop service between Baltimore/Washington and Nassau, Bahamas; Orlando and Montego Bay, Jamaica; and, Tampa and Havana, Cuba, all beginning Sunday, June 7.


Last week, I shared our intention that once-daily service between Houston Hobby and both Cancun and San Jose del Cabo/Los Cabos will resume on Thursday, May 21, along with once-daily service between Baltimore/Washington and Montego Bay.


The remainder of our international routes remain suspended at least through June 27, 2020. As soon as we’re able, we’ll share market-specific details about the resumption of additional service, subject to relaxed restrictions.



We intend to bring our first-ever service from San Diego to Honolulu beginning June 7, launching once daily flying between our fourth California gateway and the Islands. We also intend to reestablish service to Honolulu from Sacramento and San Jose, Calif., on the same day.


Last week, I shared our intention to reconnect Maui and Oakland beginning May 21, building on an interim service pattern for the Hawaiian Islands that began operating this past week: twice daily flying between Honolulu and Oakland is now providing Crew and aircraft to facilitate essential travel among the Hawaiian Islands.


We continue to coordinate with the State of Hawaii and intend to resume our previous level of flying subject to a relaxation of restrictions.


I hope you’ll see in all of this news a desire by the People of Southwest to serve you with unwavering Hospitality through necessary and temporary changes. We’ll see you onboard soon!