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Southwest Airlines Community

Food, FUN, and Getting to Know Your Vice Presidents One on One


At many companies, it can be hard for a new Employee to get involved and really feel a part of that company.  Luckily, Southwest is not like most other companies.  We do things a little differently here…like, hosting luncheons that are designed to help our new Employees feel engaged in our amazing Culture.  These luncheons, that we have appropriately named LUV at First Bite, are filled with food, games, prizes, and a unique surprise for a few of our new folks.  Click here for a fun video of one of our recent luncheons.

Now, I’ve been involved with these luncheons over the last four years, and I can honestly say that the energy at these events is almost impossible to beat.  The New Hires are so excited to get to meet and share stories with other New Hires and our Leaders.  At the same time, our Leaders are reminded of how excited they were when they first joined the Company and feel re-energized.  Although the entertainment and games are great, one of the more memorable parts to the luncheon is when the Leaders read the New Hire Spotlights.  I’m sure you know how it feels for someone to recognize you for doing something great … just imagine hearing it from one of your Company’s Senior Leaders!  The look on the Employee’s face when a story is read about them is priceless!  And, finally, what better way to end such a FUN event than to hear from one of our incredible Leaders such as Ginger Hardage – Senior Vice President Culture and Communications, Colleen Barrett – President Emeritus, or Gary Kelly – Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer.  Their stories and advice give our new Employees confidence and confirmation that they have joined the right Company!

All in all, the luncheons have been a huge success since their inception in 2006.  Our new Employees leave the luncheons feeling a part of something great and, hopefully, head back to their respective locations feeling energized and ready to provide that legendary Customer Service that Southwest offers to all our Customers.  And, I come back to Dallas knowing that our Company is in good hands with these outstanding new Employees working hard to ensure our Company’s success.