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From DMN's Airline Biz Blog: More of Colleen Barrett

Frequent Flyer B

By Terry Maxon

With Colleen Barrett's move from Southwest Airlines president to simply a fulltime employee as of Wednesday, we had a story Tuesday morning marking the occasion. Of course, the story could include only a small bit of our interview with Colleen.

Ergo, below, we have more excerpts.

DMN: What are you going to do after you step down as president?

Colleen: I'm going to do more of the same, just without any authority, without any budget. Of course, that's not that much different. But really I'm very excited.

I'm going to do one major change for me, monumental. It seems silly, but it's monumental to me. I'm 63 years old. I've worked since I was a junior in high school. I have worked seven days a week all that time. Not because anyone made me because that's just who I am, that's what I do. I might take off a holiday, but a long weekend would be a long vacation for me.

I am literally as of July 18, I am not going to work any more weekends. That is like someone else going on a sabbatical. So that' s huge for me.


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