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Fun with First Time Flyers

Explorer A

At Southwest Airlines, we think flying should be fun—and we’re glad these first-time flyers thought so too! Whether in the cockpit aspiring to be a Pilot or in the cabin just along for the ride, our younger Passengers’ excitement and curiosity is what inspires us every day.


Read more to see stories of our younger Customers’ memorable first flights!


First time flyers 1.pngSouthwest Smiles

I just wanted to share some positive feedback about the amount of LUV that is felt from Southwest, even for its youngest Passengers. My four-year-old son truly enjoyed his experience on our flight from BWI to RDU. He smiled as the Flight Attendants welcomed him onto the plane, making him feel like a “big boy.” He was so excited to sit in the cockpit, and the Pilot talked to him about studying hard so that one day he can become a Pilot himself. Every time my son sees a plane in the sky he asks, “Is that the one I was ‘flying?’”—as if he was the Pilot that day. I respond, "Yes. Do as the Pilot told you about school, and one day that will be you navigating the airplane!”   —Angie Martin Cauley


First time flyers 2.pngMy Son’s First Flight

Oh, the innocence of curiosity! My son is two and a half years old and had never flown. He was so curious and excited to know about everything flying entailed.


In life, I often I find myself moving so fast I forget to stop and see the beauty in things. This little guy just really makes me pause and stay in awe of life!   —Tanya Lewis









First time flyers 3.pngInaugural Flight

A recent family trip to ATL was my four-year-old son’s first flight. Cecil Jr., “Deuce” for short, had always wanted to come along on one of Dad's business trips to ride in the plane. Deuce was so excited when he discovered that on the trip, he would actually get to ride in a planenot only with his dad, but all seven members of the Sloley Family.


Deuce walked through the airport like a pro, almost like he’d done it before. He had no problem getting through security and hauled his Thomas Roller Bag around all by himself, refusing help. On the plane, he was fascinated by the cockpit, and the Flight Attendants gave him punch out airplanes to play with. As the plane took off, he uttered, “Woah, I am so excited!”


We love Southwest Airlines and are proud to fly, as I call it, “on the wings of LUV.” Thanks for making his first experience flying and our Family get away a memorable one!   —The Sloley Family