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Southwest Airlines Community

Getting Out the Vote

Adventurer C
No one argues that Southwest's Employees are its greatest asset. Southwest Airlines Employees are historically known for being active advocates of their Company. After years of hard work and long hours, the effectiveness of their advocacy was proved in 2006 when the antiquated Wright Amendment was repealed!  With a new year, new challenges face the airline industry and specifically Southwest Airlines. In an effort to equip its Employees for a year full of political excitement, the Southwest Airlines Legislative Communications and Grassroots Department is organizing Voter Registration Drives around the country for its Employees. One reason for the Voter Registration Drives is to give Employees the opportunity to be eligible to vote in the 2008 Presidential election. Another reason for the drives is, well, let's face it, Southwest knows that a politically active workforce of 34,000 Employees is a force to be reckoned with! Employees represent constituencies of hundreds of districts across the nation. It is the goal of Southwest Airlines to have Employees who are recognized by their elected officials as active constituents. Our Employees can look for Voter Registrations Booths at the upcoming Messages to the Field, and if you aren't an Employee, we urge you to register in your own  locale.