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Giddyup, is open for business!

Explorer C

We are very pleased to announce the unveiling of our new and improved online Freedom Shop!  Getting up and running has been such an exciting adventure.  From choosing the products to feature, to selecting which Southwest Airlines Employees would become our "runway" models.

Freedom Shop

The improved Freedom Shop website features an array of different items, including a checkpoint-friendly briefcase, a cookie jar, and more!  Shoppers can establish an account and fill their carts on the fly, and come back later to purchase when ready.  We have a page chock full of frequently asked questions, located here.

Not only do our Employees showcase our merchandise, but they also designed many of the items you see available on

In the video, you can see one of our vintage Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant uniforms come to life, in the form of an apron!  You'll be able to purchase that soon, too.  Some of you may be wondering why Eric is showcasing two different versions of the apron.  Part of the design and delivery process is getting all of our colors and logos right (especially when they're tied to Southwest history).  Be sure to check back frequently, for updates on when you can get this great apron.