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Going Green: Combat Clutter

Explorer B

It has been estimated that the average American wears about 20 percent of their clothes 80 percent of the time. This statement rang true for me this morning as I shifted through the many clothes in my closet and still managed to sigh and say, “I have nothing to wear.” In today’s society, many Americans are affected by heavy advertising and the desire to have the latest-and-greatest items; however, when we purchase these new items, we must find a place for them amongst our older possessions.

With this, it has also been estimated that the average American family only uses about 20 percent of the materials in our homes. So, where does that leave the rest of the 80 percent? Most likely these items are collecting dust, and it is a great argument for reduce, reuse, recycle.

This type of clutter can truly affect a person’s day-to-day life in many aspects, including adding extra cleaning. By de-cluttering our homes of the materials that we never use, it is possible to cut down work to clean the average home by about 40 percent.

Here are some fun and easy ways to combat clutter and give items a new use or home:

  • Make some extra green by selling unused clothing to a consignment store
  • Donate clothes that don’t sell to the Salvation Army or Goodwill for families in need
  • Have a garage sale
  • Give to someone who can utilize the possession(s)

By ridding our homes of unneeded materials, we can keep the cleaning to a minimum, as well as calm our busy minds and do good. Do you have any other ideas about de-cluttering or repurposing products? Let us know by commenting below or by e-mailing!

DING!  You are now free to be Green!