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Going Green: Five Ways to Travel Green

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The end of the Wright Amendment is here, and that means brand new nonstop destinations from Dallas Love Field!  This is a very exciting milestone for Southwest Airlines and for our Customers, and we are proud to celebrate #nonstoplove.  The next time that you travel on Southwest, whether you’re on one of our nonstop flights out of Dallas, or one of the 96 cities we serve, make sure you’re aware of your habits wherever you go. Traveling green is just as important as living green, so here are some tips to travel green on your next trip:
  1. Unplug your home.  Chargers, microwaves, televisions, and other appliances can still pull energy when they aren’t in use.  Set your thermostat to warmer (in summer) or lower (in winter) setting during your trip so you don’t waste energy.
  2. Skip the paper.  Use the mobile boarding pass option, and opt for an email receipt if it’s available.  You’re less likely to lose it, and you’ll save paper.
  3. Take advantage of your hotel’s recycling program.  Even something as simple as reusing towels and sheets instead of changing them each night can have a big impact.
  4. Make sure you turn off lights, air conditioning, and heating when you’re not in your hotel room.  Hotel rooms go unoccupied for the majority of the day, so there’s no need to have these running when you’re vacationing.
  5. Take advantage of public transportation!  Many cities have bus routes, trolleys, or subways that can take you to most tourist destinations.  Check out the options before you go so you can take advantage of them.  If you’re going somewhere with no public transportation, consider renting a hybrid car.
What do you do to travel green?  Let us know by commenting below.