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Here Comes Peanut Cottontail

Adventurer C
peanut-bunny-2008_2-066blog.jpgPicture this: A typical Wednesday afternoon at the office.  It's a short week, due to the Easter Holiday, so everyone is already starting to fall into "vacation mode," trying to push themselves through only 12 more hours of work before the long weekend begins.  Suddenly, someone dressed in a seriously funny costume comes hopping down the hall.  What would you do? If you worked at Southwest Airlines Headquarters, you would more than likely just say hello and go about your business--just another day in the FUN world that we work in.  Well, that's exactly what happened last week when the "Peanut Bunny" made an appearance in the halls of Headquarters. The Provisioning Department at HDQ has recently formed its own Local Culture Committee* called The Peanuts Gang.  (Why all the peanut references?  Provisioning is the Team that stocks our planes with our famous peanuts!)  All Local Culture Committees must come up with their own fundraising ideas to earn money to support their different events during the year; thus was born the Peanut Bunny. What exactly is a Peanut Bunny, you ask?  Picture a big papier mache peanut costume dressed up with big bunny ears and a big pink bow around its neck.  Now picture one crazy Culture Ambassador and a Provisioning Auditor taking turns wearing that costume with a pink nose and painted-on whiskers hopping up and down the halls, visiting different departments, and posing for pictures with Employees, bringing smiles and laughter--and peanuts--along the way, and there you have the Provisioning Peanut Bunny!peanut-bunny-2008_2-056blog.jpg The fundraising came in because the Peanut Bunny is a bit of a celebrity, you see, and doesn't just pose for pictures for free.  The pictures were $1.00 each and were later e-mailed to everyone who participated so they would have a lifelong SWA Easter memory!peanut-bunny-2008-040blog.jpg After one and a half long days (it was so hot in that costume!), the Peanut Bunny actually helped raise almost $250.00 for The Peanuts Gang!  Provisioning is already getting requests for future photo ops with Uncle Sam Peanut, Beach Beauty Bikini Peanut, and Peanut Claus! *A Local Culture Committee is a group of SPIRITED Employees dedicated to keeping the SWA Culture alive in their particular department or station by planning events and fundraisers and encouraging all their Coworkers to Live the Southwest Way.