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Holiday Songs in Our Hearts

New Arrival

Since long before I came to Southwest, there has been a Holiday program around Christmas time. Everyone gathers in the main lobby at HDQ, and our wonderful Southwest Chorus entertains us for a half hour or so. We have so many talented folks at Southwest Airlines, and this is another opportunity for them to shine.

This video is excerpts from the 2006 show (I was busy shooting the Travel Tips Video during this year’s show) but our Holiday SPIRIT is abundantly evident every year.

Our Senior Leaders (Gary, Colleen, and Herb) join in for the final song … Silent Night … and Herb’s rich baritone is, as you might guess, front and center.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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Thanks for sharing Bob, I never really feel the Holidays are here until I go to the annual SWA Holiday show. The most memorable of these was the one in December 2001, coming just a few short months after that horrible day in September. The songs and being with my Coworkers helped to start the healing process. Holiday Blog Boy
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I LUV stuff like this about SWA. It makes me wish A&E would have renewed Airlines.
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So that's where the piano went that was in the Church basement! It disappeared a few years ago. Safe-T-Beam Safety reverse system must be installed to close door. Ding! boy joe!
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I have watched the TV Program (Reruns) of Airline (I too wish that A&E would renew the program... Great material of seeing people act like themselves) and really have a desire to work for this company. After seeing this video, It makes me more than ever want to be a member of this company. Too all the current employees... See you all soon.