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I See Stars!

Adventurer A
One of the fun things about being a Flight Attendant is all of the celebrities (Actors, Musicians, Sports stars and even Presidents!) that we get to see! Some of them are A-list, some are on the B- or C-list, but nevertheless, they all have had or are having their 15 minutes of fame. One person, I would like to meet is the D-lister, Kathy Griffin. 🙂 Often times, they are quiet and seem to want to be left alone to their reading, catching up on sleep, etc...but other times, they are more than willing to answer the questions from our Customers and Flight Attendants, and more often than not, they let us take pictures with them. As you can see from the pictures, Hollywood LUVS Southwest Airlines!

Robert and Juliette Lewis Judy Ann and Willard Scott Tommy and Jeannie CooperJustin, Dorothy, Sheri and Frank ParkerJulie, CJ, Maggie and WYNONA Skye & John StamosJimmy CarterJason AlexanderCharisma and Jerry RiceBrian and CharroBilly Bob, Barbara and Bridgett Barak and Aaron Neville