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Inside Southwest Spirit’s August Issue

Adventurer B
Spirit_cover What do you think of the phrase, “really hard to get to?” Do you instantly want to go, without even knowing where? If you do, you may be a true hardcore traveler. People who work for travel magazines like Southwest’s definitely fall in this category. And I definitely include former Spirit's Executive Editor John McAlley. He visited Bandon Dunes Golf Resort for this month’s cover story—a place entails flying to Portland, Oregon, and driving down Highway 101. You’ll find Brandon’s four spectacular courses past Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Devils Churn, the Hobbit Trail, and Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. (Make sure you stop at every one. I have. It’s worth it.) Meanwhile, even if you don’t love golf, you should read John’s story. He describes a truly magical place while talking about the future of golf as a participant sport. John does the kind of story we love to do best—one that’s so interesting in its own right you don’t care whether you share the passion. Speaking of travel, this month’s adventure is in Northwest Florida’s beautiful beaches. We also have a story on the science of parenting by Sheril Kirshenbaum, a scientist, writer, and author of The Science of Kissing. (Parenting frequently follows kissing, according to scientists.) She offers a nice surprise: being a parent—especially a mother—can actually be good for your health. This month’s cocktail is The Hamptons, mixed by the bartender at Jimmy in Chicago. It’s like an Arnold Palmer with superpowers. Hey, and I’ve been thinking. We have been doing these drinks for more than a decade, and have a passel of amazing recipes. Would you be interested if we provided an archive of those recipes? Let me know in the comments.