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Introducing The Colleen C. Barrett Institute


Southwest Airlines is excited to launch the Colleen C. Barrett Institute for Cultural Excellence and Customer Service (CCB Institute) as part of our 50th Anniversary celebration. Today, we are kicking the virtual doors open on the Institute created in Colleen Barrett’s honor! 


Colleen Barrett.jpg


Colleen’s path to President and Chief Operating Officer of Southwest Airlines began long before our official birthday on June 18, 1971. As part of the Team that fought to bring Southwest Airlines to the world in those early days in San Antonio, her role and her impact on shaping our now-famous Employee-centered Culture grew right alongside the airline itself. 


Colleen has always valued Employees like Family, which is the Heart and soul of our Culture today at Southwest. The CCB Institute provides a home for the practical application of her core values—living by The Golden Rule with a Servant’s Heart, Warrior Spirit, and a Fun-LUVing Attitude—while sharing stories, memories, and examples of how that ethos shaped Southwest into the airline of today. In addition to honoring Colleen’s legacy, the Institute strives to be an ongoing resource to help others learn from her remarkable example and offer inspiration for us all to make long-lasting, positive impacts in the communities we serve.


In addition to learning more about Colleen’s life, career path, and trailblazing actions, the site is full of her wisdom and reflections. You’ll have insight into several programs she created which are the cornerstones of our Culture and recognition programs today. You’ll also get to read heart-warming stories from Employees on how she has personally impacted their lives. 


The CCB Institute’s library serves up a wealth of resources including books, videos, articles, and podcasts from and about Colleen, Southwest, and more. You’ll want to save this site as a favorite and return often, as it will continue to grow. You can also opt-in to receive email updates and future opportunities to engage with the Institute and exclusive CCB Institute events.


We hope you’ll enjoy learning through these examples of Culture, excellence, learning, thought leadership, and Service with LUV. Perhaps there is not a more fitting way to invite you to visit the Institute at than through the words of Colleen herself: “We hope you will stay awhile, laugh a little, and maybe learn something new about LUV®.”