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It's a Dog's World

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It’s a dog’s world in Gulf County, Florida, where the sugar-sand beaches are among the very last of the dog-friendly beaches in Florida.

Recently, Southwest donated transportation to the St. Joseph Bay Humane Society to fly Members of Rescue Ink from New York LaGuardia to Panama City Beach for their joint educational partnership.  Big plans are in the works that include programs for all surrounding communities along with (approximately) 2,000 school age children, on responsible pet ownership, animal welfare, relieving animal cruelty, and making positive choices to improve the animal and human bond. 

The county’s only animal intake facility, St. Joseph Bay Humane Society, Inc., takes full advantage of that particular selling point, with their “rent-a-dog” program.  Are you missing Rover while on vacation?  Then come to the Humane Society in Port St. Joe (1107 Tenth Street) and borrow a dog for the day. Take him (or her) for a walk, a drive around town, or even spend a day at the beach with a pooch.


Many dogs from this facility have found a “forever home” after the visiting family got acquainted this way with an adorable doggie. One such dog up for current adoption is Miley!  She is one of the cutest pups we have ever seen!   

Miley’s mom is a Labrador and her Dad is an American Bulldog--a great combination!  She is eight-weeks old, current on her shots, and will be spayed prior to adoption. Applications can be submitted online at
If permanent pet adoption is not for you, consider joining the “Miles for Miles Club” and be part of the unique partnership that the Humane Society and the Gulf County Health Department formed to get everybody walking.  When dogs are walked daily, they become more sociable and more adoptable, and they get much-needed exercise and are less depressed—just like people!  A walk on the beach with a friendly pooch-finds the sand seems brighter, the water looks bluer, the car ride so much funnier, and the day so much richer!  

So when you’re vacationing in beautiful Gulf County, remember to “rent a dog” and join the Miles for Miles Club--Save a life, walk a hound dog!


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Hi! I think this is a great article but you know what those puppies are small and that is how big the pets can go!!! Are you kidding me, If you are not going to allow pets larger then tiny than you have to have an option for larger pets! I mean all of those people who set this rule.... think do you know anybody with a medium or large sized dog or pet, do you even have one yourselves! I mean common for me and my family you have really ruined a large part of our Thanksgiving vacation!!! You all need to stop and think before you make these stupid and hurtful to some rules!
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Anonymous, I think you are referring to our size limits for pets in the cabin and our policy of not accepting warm-blooded animals as checked baggage or cargo. Most of our Officers, including our CEO, Gary Kelly, have or have had medium to large breed dogs. We've always felt that the cargo bins are not the best place for animals and have not allowed these shipments for the safety of the animals. Brian