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Good HOT morning, everyone!  Today we're putting our January and February, 2011 schedules out for sale.  There are LOTS of changes but they're mostly subtle, soft and subdued....kind of like the sound of a snowfall.  So get your "zen" on and let's dive in!

So what's *NOT* in these schedules?  New cities, for starters.  No, we're not announcing the introduction of our South Carolina service....not yet!  (Patience, young grasshoppers!  Snatch the new city from my hand....)  What *is* in this schedule is a shuffling of frequencies that reflects the seasonal traffic ebb and flow.  Once again, we're publishing different schedules for January and February--meaning that they're optimized separately, so you'll see a lot of departure time changes between the two.

As for specifics, effective January 9th, we're eliminating (only!) one market--our nonstop Kansas City-Seattle service (although in all likelihood it will return in Summer 2011). On the "Up" side, starting on February 13th, we're bringing back nonstop Islip-Ft. Myers flights, as well as adding new, nonstop Nashville-Ft. Myers service!  MANY markets have frequency changes.  Details are in the attached .PDF file.

On a more macro, departure-city level, the changes are fairly minor.  Comparing our November schedule to February, PHX is the largest gainer, picking up 10 departures per day, bringing Sky Harbor back up to 183 weekday departures. At the number two gainer spot, adding eight weekday departures is Orlando, former home of McCoy Air Force Base (hence its airport code MCO).  And retaining the "top dog" title as the busiest SWA Station remains La$ Vega$ with 213 weekday departures.

So for now, sit back, chill, peruse our shiny new Winter 2011 Schedule, and book something!