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Living the Southwest Way: Outing to C.C. Young

Explorer C

I am so fortunate to work at Southwest Airlines with Leaders and Cohearts who value serving others, enriching the community, and finding creative ways to accomplish that vision.  Recently, the Culture Services Department gave from the heart during an offsite Team meeting, at C.C. Young Senior Living – Senior Care here in Dallas. This project was organized by a collaborative group consisting of members from each Team within our Department, and it was uniquely designed to focus on what each of our Teams’ strengths are, and how best to utilize them.  For example, planting flowers with the memory-care residents to help preserve the beauty of their environment; interviewing the senior residents, and capturing their bio’s to honor and recognize the accomplishments of their lives; helping the assisted living residents play bingo, and bringing joy and celebration into their day; and offering special treats to all of the staff at C.C. Young to appreciate them for the loving care they provide to our senior community.  It was simply amazing, and a joy to be a part of!winnie2 It also turned out to be a very moving and personal day for me as I spent time playing bingo and getting to know my new friend, Ms. Winnie.  We laughed and exchanged knowing looks as we talked about our families, and we shared a moment in time that was priceless for us both. The staff told us to watch each senior’s face light up when we walked into the room, as we would become their family for the day, and we would make an impact on their lives.  But, the truth is, it was my face that lit up, and my life that was impacted by Ms. Winnie. Before leaving, she asked me to help her.  I asked her how, and she replied, “Remember that I need you.”  I will always remember you, Ms. Winnie!