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Living without liquids - what it's really like to fly post-August 10

Explorer B
You've probably heard that the new prohibitions against liquids and gels in carryon baggage are supposed to produce longer lines at ticket counters and at security checkpoints. For what it's worth, as someone who has flown several times since August 10, I cannot discern any actual effects on the Customer waiting times. Our own internal stats bear out that one impact of the new restrictions has been an increase in checked baggage. However, having checked bags in three cities in the last 12 days, I have yet to experience a wait longer than five minutes - no different from before. No surprise here - our Customer Service and Ramp Employees are hustling to deal with the increased checked baggage volume. As for the security checkpoint, the waiting times in my experience have been no different from pre-August 10. Why might that be? Based on my observations, I'd chalk it up to a combination of reduced carryon bag volumes, quick adapting by our Customers, and good work by our friends at the Transportation Security Adminstration ("TSA"). For a more objective view of checkpoint waiting times, read this Baltimore Sun article. The  TSA also  maintains a website displaying up-to-date actual waiting times experienced at all airport checkpoints. It's a good way to see what you can really expect. Another website,, also provides this and other information, but it is not as up-to-date. Bottomline - I have seen no reason so far that anyone should be concerned about increased waiting times to check bags or clear security checkpoints in the post-August 10 environment. Labor Day weekend is the last getaway travel period before things slow down in the fall.  Tell us about your positive travel experience even under the new security rules. Or, maybe you hit a snag, but now you have a great travel tip to share with the rest of us.