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Meet our January A-Lister: Aaron Stevens, Senior Director, Global Partnerships, OtterBox


Photo by Justin ClemonsPhoto by Justin Clemons

Chances are that you or the person in the seat next to you owns one of the products Aaron Stevens promotes—or have a device that needs one. Aaron’s work with OtterBox, a smartphone case company, frequently takes him from his home in Dallas to cities across the country. Flying Southwest means that he doesn’t have to worry about fees when his work schedule changes, making his business and personal travel a breeze. An A-List Preferred member, Aaron also loves using his Rapid Rewards points for international trips with his family to places like Cancun. Thanks for being a Customer, Aaron. We’re glad you know that we’ve got you covered when you have somewhere to be.

—Richard West, Communications & Outreach


Make It Count “OtterBox’s corporate mission statement is ‘We Grow to Give.’ That’s done primarily through our OtterCares Foundation. On our annual #Closed2Open day, our company suspends operations and almost every Otter volunteers.”


Team Up “When you partner with companies that share similar values, the sum of the parts is larger than each can accomplish on its own.”


Run On “I mainly run for fun, but I do try to run in at least one half-marathon a year. White Rock Lake in Dallas is my go-to for long runs.”