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November Our Star: Teresa Poulin

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Teresa_ElizabethCecil (2) Customer Service Supervisor, Providence, Rhode Island Teresa Poulin doesn’t believe in using the snooze button. At 2:30 in the morning, when even the earliest of early birds are still asleep, she’s waking up and preparing for her day. As a Customer Service Supervisor, one of Teresa’s goals is to do all she can to help the first Southwest Airlines flights of the day depart as scheduled. Getting the day off to a good start means Customers on later flights have a greater chance of being on time as well. An Employee for 15 years, Teresa thrives on finding solutions for Customers and Employees alike, especially amid the hustle and bustle of the morning. During challenging situations such as inclement weather, she is either behind the scenes finding alternate routes for Customers or in the thick of the action beside the Customer Service Agents she serves. When not helping Customers, Teresa aims to set up her Agents for success, working to ensure they have all they need to do their best. It’s a Team environment, and flexibility is the name  of the game. “I love that we have the ability to make decisions,” she says. When she’s not at work, Teresa often travels with her three daughters—ages 12, 6, and 5—to sunny destinations such as Orlando, Tampa, and San Diego. “We can jump on a plane that has a few seats available and fly across the country,” she says. “Our flight benefits are definitely one  of the great things about working at Southwest.” She’s thankful she doesn’t have to travel far to spend time with her family, many of whom live in the Providence area. “At this time of year,” she says, “we take time to celebrate and remember the importance of our family and friends.” Teresa, you’re worth celebrating every day, and we’re thankful for you!