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O' Miss, may I ask you a question?

Adventurer B
We are asked a lot of questions during flight.  The most-asked question is, "Can I use the rest room?"  The next is, "Where are we?"  The craziest question I've ever been asked is, "Did you used to be a boy?"  (My ID picture was taken when I had real short hair.)   I gave the lady my most serious look and said, "Yes, and this gentleman here was my sister!"  I'd like to share some thought-provoking questions (and some of my humorous responses) that I've been asked this past year. Q  Do the Flight Attendants and the Pilots stay together on layovers? A  Do I ask you about YOUR personal life?  The real answer is we stay at the same hotel which is what I think the red-faced woman meant. Q  My wife and I have been watching you.  You're a Gemini, aren't you? A  No, I used to be a "Jim and I," but Jim and I have been divorced for years. Q  Do I have to sit in the middle seat?  (Last available seat)  A  When you're the last one to the dinner table for Sunday dinner, you don't get the best piece of chicken. Q  Just WHO are we waiting for?  (While holding for connecting passengers) A  We are waiting for Bob and Betty Green.  They have been married twenty years; they have six children at home; they're paying the babysitter $10.00 an hour and they HAVE to get home tonight!  Q  Why does your husband let you do this?  (Asked awhile back) A  We worked together five years and spent twenty four hours a day, seven days a week side by side.  He found me looking for hit men in the classified ads--any more questions? Q  Are you always this happy? A  Yes, my children grew up! Q  Are you taking orders? A  No, I'm taking requests!  Q  Why can't I change my companion any time I want for your Companion Pass program? A  Southwest is trying to encourage monogamy! Q  What did you do to make those passengers so happy? A  I LIKED them!  No one wants to be strapped down and encapsolated in a tube at 35,000 feet with somebody who's mad at them.   I hope to see you on one of my flights some day.  If  I don't have an answer to your question, I'll make one up!