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Our January A-Lister: Quintin Cole

Adventurer C

Southwest gets it. They understand that Customer Service is important.”

—Quintin Cole, Regional VP of Operations, Integrity Rehabilitation Group



Quintin Cole has many passions in life, from physical therapy and brewing beer to flying Southwest. Although Quintin lives in Chicago, his career in the physical therapy industry sends him all over the country. He doesn’t mind the commute, though. He enjoys the chance to take a few Customer Service pointers from Southwest and apply them to his other business—brewing. As co-owner of Vice District Brewing Company, Quintin knows the importance of valuing Customers. Whether it’s using points to bring his son on a trip or enjoying no change fees, he appreciates the flexibility Southwest offers. Thanks for choosing us, Quintin! 

 photo by Taylor Castlephoto by Taylor Castle


Ready or Not “With any type of travel, there will always be things outside your control. Things happen; just be prepared for when they do.”


Remote Office “I’m gone Monday through Friday for my work with physical therapy, but thanks to Southwest, I can manage my brewing business at 35,000 feet.”


Lend a Hand “One valuable thing I’ve done with my Rapid Rewards points was donate them to my sister so she could see a specialist when she was having serious health issues.”