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Podcasting History

Frequent Flyer B
That's to say: the history of Southwest, via podcasting, not the history of podcasting.

This episode of Red Belly Radio is about the history of this great company—I talk about a few of my favorite events that happened during late August through September since we first started service.

Learn about our fleet of electric ground equipment, the automated “Quickie Ticket” machine (pictured right), and that important fourth aircraft. Go behind the scenes to discover the trick a director had to use to keep Herb from catching pneumonia and when we became a true coast-to-coast carrier.

How many aircraft did we have in 1976? Yep, it’s in there. How many Shamus does SeaWorld have? No idea, but this podcast will tell you how many Shamu aircraft Southwest Airlines has in our fleet.

This and much more. The Red Belly Radio link can be found at the bottom right of the home page or from the drop-down menu, choose Media Center. Better yet, subscribe in iTunes and never worry about getting a new episode again!

Right: Schedule from February 11, 1975. Prices range from $15 - $40 across our four cities. It was the size of a business card. (both sides are shown)