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Reliving "The 12 Days of LUV"

Retired Community Manager

The holidays are technically over, but that doesn't mean we can't relive some of the magic.

Before Christmas, we brought back our 12 Days of LUV contest on Twitter.  Each day, we asked people to Tweet us a different Southwest-themed holiday picture.

The pictures below are the people who impressed the judges most and were crowned the winner of their respective contest day.

I hope you'll enjoy them as much as we did.  Spread the LUV in the comments section and remember - Valentine's Day is only a Cupid's arrow away!

On the 1st Day of LUV, we wanted a pic of you in your best holiday sweater!

On the 2nd Day of LUV, we asked for a pic of a creative Christmas tree!

On the 3rd Day of LUV it was a pic of you and a reindeer!

On the 4th Day of LUV, we asked for a pic of you in your office all decked out for the holidays (Kae even spelled 'LUV' right!).

Things got nutty on the 5th Day of LUV, when we asked for a picture of a Southwest-themed snowman.

Things got tricky on the 6th Day of LUV, when we wanted a pic of you & a Southwest Employee wearing holiday attire!

The 7th Day of LUV called for a picture of you with a gingerbread house (apparently, this one has a runway where Bags Fly Free!).

A Southwest-themed ornament highlighted the 8th Day of LUV.

Back to the Future?  Not exactly, just the winner of the 9th Day of LUV, who delivered what we asked for - a car decorated in Southwest gear.

The 10th Day of LUV brought pets into the mix.  We asked for a picture of pets dressed up for the holidays.

The 11th Day of LUV asked for a funny and festive photo... needless to say, this picture delivered!

The winner of the 12th Day of LUV went all out, recapping the entire contest, and fulfilling the 12th Day - a picture at a Southwest Gate!

Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures for this year's contest.  We do plenty of fun stuff throughout the year, so stick around our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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